If you're looking for examples of what she can do, you're in the right place!

the inevitable vectors


IFunctors, IMonads, safe file access

IFunctor.lhs contains the definition from Slicing It. IMonad.lhs and FH.lhs develop the material from Winging It. Path.lhs is a bonus file, with a bit of that reflexive transitive closure action, and a gotcha!

pattern synonyms

Fix.lhs gives you a functor kit and defines lists. Tree.lhs defines binary trees, with treeSort as the classic Burstallian example.

higgledy piggledy

Pig.lhs is a file which asks for chunks to be inserted into various declarations definitions. Hig.lhs and Jig.lhs supply the missing pieces. Nicolas Oury and I used to do this with a program called higgledy which accumulated chunks and another called piggledy which dropped them in place. Now she does both.