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Rouken Glen Park:

This website contains several of the same images and historical descriptions as our own site, but goes into more depth with such features as the Walled Garden, including an aerial view. Of particular interest are the galleries of photos showing Rouken Glen as it is today, in various seasons. The site content is maintained by an individual with a personal interest in the park.

Virtual Mitchell pictures of Rouken Glen:

The Mitchell Library in Glasgow is one of Europe's largest public reference libraries, and also home to the City Archive. A sizeable collection of images has been digitised for the benefit of citizens, and is free to search and view at this site. The best way to look at images of Rouken Glen is to click on 'Subject Search', then 'Parks', then scroll through the pages (organised alphabetically) until you reach Rouken Glen. Currently there are twenty-two images in the archive.

East Renfrewshire Council:

This page on East Renfrewshire Council's website is devoted to parks and recreational areas within the Council's remit. It contains a small selection of images of Rouken Glen, with information on what you can find there and a short history. A visitor to the area can also find out about Eastwood Park (Giffnock), Cowan Park (Barrhead), Greenbank Gardens (Clarkston), the White Cart Walkway (Netherlee) and Centenary Park (Barrhead).

Google Maps:

This excellent resource allows you to search for any place name in the UK (just type in 'rouken glen' in the search box) and gives you a map of the area. The map can be made larger or smaller, and navigated in four directions. There is also a satellite image available for every map, and a 'hybrid' facility which overlays the map detail on top of the satellite image.



Rouken Glen by Neil Morris (Giffnock, 1995) is available from the Mitchell Library.

Keep Off The Grass! by Walter Gilmour (Ochiltree, Richard Stenlake 1996) is available from Mitchell Library.

The Giffnock Library Heritage Centre contains a folder entitled Rouken Glen which contains a wealth of archive material on the park; much of it was invaluable in the research for and production of this site.



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