Dates: 2020
Grant Title: TIDES: Tackling infodemics and disseminating effective information for students
Granting Agency: UKRI (Covid-19 funding)
Team: Gobinda Chowdhury (PI), Marilyn Lennon, Diane Pennington, Petya Eckler, Alison Pickard, Morgan Harvey (CoIs)
Funding: £342,085 (Unfunded)

Dates: 2018
Grant Title: Finding solutions to advance digital health for addressing unmet needs in relation   to self-harming behaviours
Granting Agency: Scottish Government, Social Economy Programme – Social Innovation Fund
Team: Diane Rasmussen Pennington, Steven McCluskey (Health In Mind)
Funding: £60,000

Dates: 2017-2018
Grant Title: Shifting paradigms for dementia: Involving people living with dementia
across research, policy and practice
Granting Agency: Scottish Universities Insight Institute
Team: Grant Gibson (PI), Diane Rasmussen Pennington (CoI), Richard Ward, Sue Northrop
Funding: £17,500

Dates: 2017
Grant Title: Ontology construction
Granting Agency: Innovation Voucher – Scottish Funding Council
Team: Billy Wallace, Diane Rasmussen Pennington, Dmitri Roussinov
Funding: £5.000

Dates: 2016-2019
Grant Title: Studentship for Jennifer Hamilton; Social media in national libraries
Granting Agency: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
Funding: Full studentship

Dates: 2016
Grant Title: Funding for iDocQ 2016 conference
Granting Agency: Scottish Graduate School of Social Science
Funding: £1,440

Dates: 2015
Grant Title: E-mental health for Scottish youth
Granting Agency: University of Strathclyde, Research Starter Grant
Team: Diane Rasmussen Pennington (PI)
Funding: £10,000

Dates: 2014
Grant Title: Understanding student behaviors in online classrooms: A qualitative approach
Granting Agency: Ashford University Fellows Program
Team: Diane Rasmussen Pennington (PI), Jongbok Byun, Jeral Kirwan, Srabasti Dutta, Jorge Cardenas
Funding: $5,000

Dates: 2013-2018
Grant Title: Effectiveness of an internet-based decision aid in enhancing safety behaviors, reducing exposure to violence and improving mental health among women experiencing intimate partner violence
Granting Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Operating Grant Program
Team: Marilyn Ford-Gilboe (PI), Colleen Varcoe (PI), Judith Wuest (PI), Leanne Currie, Nancy Glass, Marilyn Hodgins, Harriet MacMillan, Diane Rasmussen Pennington, Marianne Noh, Kelly Scott-Storey, Nadine Wathen
Funding: $959,651

Dates: April 2012-April 2013
Grant Title: Pathways to mental health: Mobilizing knowledge to inform consumer decision-making, advocacy and access
Granting Agency:Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Emerging Team Grant Program
Team: John Walker, Professor of Clinical Health Psychology, University of Manitoba (PI)
Funding: $6000 subgrant from Dr. Walker to perform usability testing on a new online resource

Dates: September 2011-September 2014
Grant Title: Laboratory for research to study community integration of people with mental illness
Granting Agency: Canada Foundation for Innovation – Leaders Opportunity Fund
Team: Cheryl Forchuk (PI), Diane Rasmussen Neal, Bessam Abdulrazak, Robert Campbell, Miriam Capretz, Deborrah Corring, Lorie Donelle, Roy Eagleson, Jeffrey Hoch, Momodu Jeng, Ross Norman, Abram Odushoorn, Michael Petrenko, Susan Ray
Funding: $151,525

Dates: September 2011-September 2013
Grant Title: Mental Health Engagement Network (MHEN): Connecting clients with their health team
Granting Agency:Canada Health Infoway (75%) in partnership with TELUS and Lawson (25%)
Team: Cheryl Forchuk (PI), Abraham Rudnick, Jeffrey Reiss, Jeff Hoch, Evelyn Vingillis, Lorie Donelle, Diane Rasmussen Neal, Deb Corring, Mike Godin, Mike Petrenko, Betty Edwards, Susan Ouseley, Beth Mitchell, Robbie Campbell, Ross Norman, Beth Osuch
Funding: $1,686,526

Dates: September 2011-September 2013
Grant Title: Using affect-based labels in whole collection retrieval
Granting Agency: Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Insight Development Grant
Team: Diane Rasmussen Neal, Nadine Desrochers
Funding: $46,852

Dates: June 2011-June 2013
Grant Title: Canadian emerging adult-informed online mental health information access techniques and preferences (Sole investigator)
Granting Agency: University of Western Ontario Academic Development Fund – Major Grants Program
Funding: $42,000

Dates: March 2011-March 2014
Grant Title: Plain language visual thesaurus
Granting Agency: Ontario Trillium Foundation – Province-wide Program
Team: Maria Luisa Contursi (PI), Christine Garinger, Jacquelyn Burkell, Diane Rasmussen Neal
Funding: $184,500 (held by community partner; subgrant funding to UWO)

Dates: September 2010-July 2011
Grant Title: Child and youth mental health knowledge mobilization project
Granting Agency: Mental Health Commission of Canada
Team: Maria Luisa Contursi (PI), Christine Garinger, Jacquelyn Burkell, Diane Rasmussen Neal
Funding: $25,000

Dates: June 2010-June 2011
Grant Title: Online resources for youth mental health (Sole investigator)
Granting Agency: University of Western Ontario, International Research Award
Funding: $6,813

Dates: August 2010
Grant Title: Conference travel funding for the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Sole investigator)
Granting Agency: University of Western Ontario, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Internal Travel Fund
Funding: $2,687

Dates: March 2009-August 2009
Grant Title: Optimizing information retrieval and use of online mental health resources for children and adolescents in the United States and Australia
Granting Agency: Kaplan University Faculty Research Grant Program
Team: Lynne Williams (PI), Diane Rasmussen Neal, Andrew Campbell
Funding: $1,500

Dates: March 2008
Grant Title: Travel funding for attending the Oxford Round Table
Granting Agency: North Carolina Central University, Office of International Affairs
Funding: $1,000

Dates: May 2006-August 2006
Grant Title: Usability testing on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s “Library of Texas” federated search engine (Sole investigator)
Granting Agency: Texas Woman’s University
Funding: $6,800