MobileHCI steering committee duties and procedures

Note: Throughout the term MobileHCI (n) is used to denote the MobileHCI conference in year n


The MobileHCI Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for:

Members of the SC are expected to attend the annual MobileHCI Steering Committee meeting during the annual conference (in person ideally but via video conference in lieu of this).


The SC started operating on March 15, 2006. Its initial members are the members of the former MobileHCI Planning group (Adrian David Cheok, National University of Singapore; Anne Kaikkonen, Nokia, Finland; Luca Chittaro, University of Udine, Italy; Fabio Paterno, CNR, Italy; Keith Cheverst, Lancaster University, England; Mark Dunlop, Strathclyde University, Scotland; Manfred Tscheligi, University of Salzburg, Austria; Matt Jones, Swansea University, Wales; Stephen Brewster, Glasgow University, Scotland).

The SC will invite future members, by choosing among the chairs of the MobileHCI conference.

The SC is expected to have less than 20 members and more than 10.


From August of 2015 the term as SC Chair lasts three years, starting from the end of MobileHCI (m), to the end of MobileHCI (m+3). The SC chair is chosen among members of the SC, following an election. This is back dated to start from 2014 so the first term of the SC chair runs from 2014 - 2017. (formerly the SC chair role lasted one year but this revised rule was voted on and agreed at the SC meeting on August 25th 2015). The next SC chair will be elected and the end of MobileHCI (m+2) and will “job shadow” the chair through the year of m+3.


Any SC member can raise an issue by sending an e-mail to the list of all SC members. Every SC members must reply to the mail on the list, describing her/his position within a week. If no consensus is apparent, the Chair calls for a formal vote by e-mail. Every SC member must reply sending her/his vote on the list within a week.


A member of the SC is expected to be actively involved in the conference series which can include, attending the annual conference, submitting papers, organising workshops, running tutorials, contributing to the SC discussion and decision process and attending SC meetings. Membership of a SC member terminates when (s)he is frequently inactive. Along with participation, the SC mailing list serves as an archive of members' activities and should be reported on by the chair of the SC at the start of each annual steering committee meeting.


A call for bids for Mobile HCI(n+2) is issued by the SC Chair in January of year n and sent to all the members of the MobileHCI Program Committee and the wider MobileHCI community. Bidders must send their bids no later than 31 March. As a formal bid, bidders should submit a single PDF document to the SC with the following information:

Bids are welcome from any organisation or group of organisations provided that:


Bids for MobileHCI (n+2) are considered by the committee with the decision formally announced at MobileHCI (n). An initial vote by the committee will result in a short list of candidate bids. These candidates will be invited to give a brief presentation to the steering committee and discuss their bid at MobileHCI (n). This can be in person or via video conference.

The voting process begins on 2 April of year n and concludes on 1 May of year n. [Note: In 2013 we gave applicants until 31 July to prepare bids and so will make a final decision at MobileHCI in Munich and inform applicants afterwards].

Votes for bids are sent to the SC Chair only. Every SC member assigns a rating (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and unacceptable) to each of the bids. Each of the 5 possible choices has a score: 1st = 1.00 2nd = 0.50 3rd = 0.25 4th = 0.125 unacceptable = 0.00 and the total score for a bid is obtained by summing the individual voters' scores. At the end of voting, all the voting forms are made available by the SC Chair to the SC in de-personalised format (through a unique ID so that each voter can check his/her vote). Normally the top two bids will be taken forward as a short list for presentation and discussion with the steering committee.


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