Mobile HCI 2001
Draft Proceedings

These papers form the draft proceedings for Mobile HCI 01 workshop, being held at IHM-HCI in Lille, and will be distributed to attendees. The full reference for the workshop is

Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2001: Third International Workshop on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices, M D Dunlop and S A Brewster (Editors), IHM-HCI 2001 Lille, France, September 2001

The proceedings will also form the basis of a special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing in 2002.

Talk Presentations
0930 Investigating Context-aware Information Push vs. Information Pull to Tourists
Keith Cheverst, Keith Mitchell and Nigel Davies
  Evaluating Interface Design Choices on WAP Phones: Single-choice List Selection and Navigation among Cards
Luca Chittaro and Paolo Dal Cin
  RSVP Browser: Web Browsing on Small Screen Devices
Oscar De Bruijn, Robert Spence and Min Yih Chong
  Enhancing the Reading Experience: Using Adaptive and Sonified RSVP for Reading on Small Displays
Mikael Goldstein, Gustav Öqvist, Mandana Bayat-M,Peter Ljungstrand, and Staffan Björk
1100   Coffee
1130 Audio GPS:spatial audio in a minimal attention interface
Simon Holland and David R. Morse
  PocketCERO – mobile interfaces for service robots
Helge Hüttenrauch and Mikael Norman
  Citywide: supporting interactive digital experiences across physical space
Shahram Izadi, Mike Fraser, Steve Benford, Martin Flintham, Chris Greenhalgh, Tom Rodden, and Holger Schnädelbach
  Customizing Graphics for Tiny Displays of Mobile Devices
Thomas Rist and Patrick Brandmeier
1250   Lunch
1400   Posters - see below
1530   Coffee
1600   Posters - see below
1630 Patterns of Mobile Interaction
Jörg Roth
  Context-Phonebook - Extending Mobile Phone Applications with Context
Albrecht Schmidt, Tanjev Stuhr, and Hans Gellersen
  Mobile Devices as Props in Daily Role Playing
Georg Strom
1730   Very short break
1740 Shaping the Future of Mobile Devices
Satu Ruuska-Kalliokulju, Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt, Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, and Bruno Von Niman


IFIP WG2.7 group on Engineering for Human Computer Interaction
Joëlle Coutaz
1830   End

Poster Presentations

1400 Design issues in distributed interaction supporting tools: mobile devices in an ATC Working Position
Marcellin Buisson and Yannick Jestin
  Information Representations for Shared Communication Spaces
Gavin J. Doherty, T. Rist, and M.D. Wilson
  Web Clipping: Compression Heuristics for Displaying Text on a PDA
Pedro Gomes, Sérgio Tostão, Daniel Gonçalves and Joaquim Jorge
  Disorganization and How to Support it – Reflections on the Design of Wireless Information Devices
Patrick W. Jordan, Lauren A. Peacock, Dominik Chmielewski and Scott Jenson
  Analogue styled user interfaces: An exemplified set of principles intended to improve aesthetic qualities in use
Petter Karlsson and Francis Djabri
  Bridging Observation and Design in Concept Development for Mobile Services
Giulio Iacucci
  Perceptually guided scrolling for reading continuous text on small screen devices
Max Melchior
  Smart CAPs for Smart Its - Context Detection for Mobile Users
Florian Michahelles and Michael Samulowitz
  Supporting Mobile Workgroups on a Wireless Campus
Daniel Salber, Daniel P. Siewiorek and Asim Smailagic
  Scalable Support for Work Groups and Groupwork
Harri Siirtola and Tomi Heimonen
  Model-Based Design of Mobile User Interfaces
Jean Vanderdonckt, Murielle Florins and Frédéric Oger

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  Full draft proceedings

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