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Glasgow is Scotlandís largest city. With the conference being held in the city centre there are many hotels within walking distance.

The conference location is: McCance Building, University of Strathclyde, Richmond St, Glasgow G1 1XH - Map

Below is a list of recommended hotels that are within walking distance to the conference (roughly sorted by distance). For a fuller list and many rates search Expedia (adjust your dates and travellers on the left side, also take care as some of these hotels are not in Glasgow despite their claims - you are looking for Glasgow City Centre).

Prices are given in a rough range based on estimates from web searches, ranges are given as:

£ - roughly under £50 per night
££ - roughly £50 to £75 per night
£££ - roughly £75 to £100 per night
££££ - roughly over £100 per night

With the exception of university accommodation, hotel booking is independent from MobileHCI and apart from this list we cannot help in arranging accommodation. All bookings should be made with the hotel directly, through Expedia or another travel agent. All information given for information only.

University Accommodation  2 mins  £
Please contact organisers for university accommodation - unfortunately this is very restricted and only available for those arriving 12th and departing on the 16th (no accommodation is available on night of 16th). Total charge is £128 allocated on first come first booked basis.  Only 1 remaining....

Travel Inn  2 mins  £

Millennium Hotel  5 mins  £££

Ramada  5 mins  ££

Carlton  5 mins  ££££

Buchanan Hotel  10 mins  £

Holiday Inn Theatre Land  15 mins  £££

Tulip Inn 15 mins  ££

Thistle Hotel  15 mins  £££

Quality Hotel Central Station  15 mins  ££

Euro Hostel  15 mins  £

Jury's Inn  15 mins  ££

Arthouse  15 mins  £££

Corus Hotel Glasgow    20 mins  £

Holiday Inn Express  15 mins  £££

Glasgow Youth Hostel   40 mins  £

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