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Mark Dunlop - Research

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My research focuses on improving the usability of mobile systems (smartphones, tablets and smartwatches) through new interaction techniques and their evalaution - in particular, I have investigated text entry methods, sensor driven interaction and visualisation methods for mobiles. I'm increasingly interested in use of mobiles to support wellbeing, health and rehabilitation.

My research on mobiles spans the activities of the Data Analytics, Software Systems, and Interaction Research Group (which I lead) and the Digital Health and Wellbeing Group.


I have over 100 research publications, primarily in the domains of mobile usability and information retrieval, and an h-index of 22 according to Google - see my Google Scholar HomePage.


Recently I have been involved in the following funded projects:

Together with Stephen Brewster of Glasgow University, we have co-organised four meetings of the International Conference Series in Mobile HCI: MobileHCI 04 at Strathclyde, Mobile HCI 01 at IHM-HCI 2001 in Lille, Mobile HCI 99 at INTERACT '99 in Edinburgh, and MobileHCI 98 in Glasgow (with Chris Johnson). I am a founding member of the international steering committee overseeing ACM MobileHCI (and previous chair), a founding associate editor of the journals International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction and Advances in Human-Computer Interaction and an associate editor of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. I was sub-committee chair for Usability and User Experience for ACM CHI 2016 and 2017, having acted as an associate chair for several years.

Building on his long research history in mobile interface design, Mark has also conducted consultance with text entry companies, most extensivesly with KeyPoint Technologies, and acted as an expert witness in patent litigation cases.