Autumn Java School 2011

For those going into second year

Murray Wood has put together a guide to working through the Head First Java book covering our first year topics, along with a set of programming exercises and paper exercises to be carried in parallel. The guide is focused on the knowledge and skills required by the end of our first year Java course.

In preparing this he realised that the Head First book is not very practically oriented but it is a good 'teach yourself' Java book and therefore appropriate for our purposes. Hopefully this guide, which includes advice on installing Java and Eclipse, and links to video tutorials on Eclipse, now includes sufficient practical advice and programming exercises to supplement working through the book.

For those going into third year

Marc Roper put together a revision page for the CS207 resit.

As revision, we advise that you try to write a Java program to play "Cheating Hangman", if you haven't already done this. You can also redo some of the exercises from Semester 1 last year - still available on Spider.