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CS548 Designing Usable Systems



To develop research level understanding of the design of interfaces for newly emerging technologies and computing domains such as ubiquitous and mobile computing, universal access and collaborative displays. This class is taken as an option by level-5 MEng CS and MSc Advanced Computing students.


This module's timetable is as follows (student presentation in purple):

  1. Seminar on quantitative methods plus intro to course and XRDS task
  2. Seminar on qualitative methods plus supervision on XRDS task
  3. XRDS Presentations and introduction to Research Proposals
  4. Research proposal groups - proposal drafting
  5. Seminar on literature research skills plus group supervisions
  6. Literature review and proposal presentation
  7. Research project group supervisions
  8. Seminar on Mobiquitous Research plus group supervisions
  9. Update presentations plus research project group supervisions
  10. Seminar on Mobiquitous Research plus group supervisions
  11. Seminar on Mobiquitous Research plus group supervisions
  12. Final project presentations


This class is worth 15 credits and will be assessed as follows:

  • 100% coursework

    • 20% XRDS presentations (individual) - deadline 8/2 @ 1400 on flash-drive or laptop (For week 3 class)

    • 80% Research Proposal and Project (groups of 2 or 3)

      • deadline 24/2 @ 1600 for proposal (Friday week 5)

      • deadline 27/4 @ 1400 for final report (Friday week 12)