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Web Systems Development


Overview of Web Development element

To give practical experience of developing web-based applications that integrate database server interaction. They key learning outcomes are

  •  to understand the typical topology of internet applications;
  • to develop simple internet-based applications that make use of:
    • server-side technologies;
    • back-end technologies for storing server-side data.

We will cover:

  • Web application architectures;
  • client-side technologies;
  • server-side technologies.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes and handouts will be supplied on MyPlace as the term proceeds

The lecture plan is as follows per week:

  1. HTML - Overview and forms
  2. PHP - Form handling & DB linkage
  3. JavaScript - Form handling
  4. More PHP and JavaScript
  5. Usability and Security

Assessment for Database and Web Systems Development

The class is 60% examination and 40% coursework. Details:

  • 25% for coursework on Web Systems Development
    • Single individual assessment due Friday 24 February at 15:00
    • Details to follow here and on MyPlace
  • 15% for coursework on Database Development
  • 60% for examination on Database Development

Lab Sheets

These will become available on MyPlace as the course proceeds:

Links and other resources