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Topics in Computing: My first internet programming

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introduction   --  html/CSS  --   php   --   javascript   --   thinkaloud (and video)
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Assessment Handout  --  Individual assessment form  -- Groups -- Assessment Feedback

See also Pizza Resources section below

General Resources

myfirstform.html Show HTML page Show Source
A simple form that asks for the user's name then sends it to myfirstphp.php

myfirstphp.php Run PHP Script Show Source
Display a simply hello message to the passed user's name

SSH client for Windows that gives a windows like browser for you to manipulate remote files on our departmental server. The download is an exe that you should save locally then run.

Also read my quick guide to WinSCP on how to connect once running and the WinSCP home page. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License

sampleform.html Show HTML page Show Source
A starter HTML form with text boxes (single and multiple lines), radio button, pull-down menu, and checkboxes

showallparameters.php Run PHP Script Show Source
Displays all GET and POST parameters in a simple list returned in plain HTML. Useful for testing forms are sending the correct data without doing any action on the server.
Note: the groupID variable is obscured for security reasons

showsource.php Run PHP Script Show Source
Displays the source of the file GET parameter (e.g. showsource.php?file=showallparameters.php ) in this directory only.
Note: all slashes / are removed from filename for security reasons

w3schools go to w3schools
Excellent resource for learning PHP/Javascript (plus much more) - but remember to attribute (reference) any code that you use from there.

Pizza Project Resources

pizzaorder.html Show HTML page Show Source
A simple pizzaordering form and pizza database control form. Does no error checking!

pizzaorder.php Run PHP Script Show Source
Simple handler for pizzaorder.html. Inserts, shows and deletes from the database using the pizza header calls. Does no error checking but the included funcitons (see below) do ensure your groupID is correct and all mySQL field values are safe.

pizzaorder_header_description.txt Text File  
A text file giving the headers of the functions you can use from the pizzainclude file. Refer to this file for how to use the hidden include file.

mobile frame Show HTML page  
A frame that roughly simulates the size of a typical mobile phone browser.


Show HTML pageshow the HTML file Show Sourceshow source of the file
Run PHP Script run the PHP file compress folder / ZIP file
Text file show text file