Quick Guide to WinSCP

Download WinSCP from SourceForge  - the default download is an exe program that you just run without needing to instal, so you can save this on your desktop or H drive on computer services equipment.

Run WinSCP and connect as follows (replacing asample with your CIS username!):

The first time you run you will be asked to cache our server's key - say Yes:

You now get connected with your PC's My Documents on the left and your Unix directory on the right. Double click DEVWEB to open that folder on the right. You then have normal windows like operations.

Your own work should go into a 2009 folder within your DEVWEB folder and is accessible externally at https://devweb2009.cis.strath.ac.uk/~yourname/  You may need to create this folder - if so, you will also need to change the permissions - right click on the folder icon and get properties then make sure Read and eXecute  are set for everyone as follows. (Note: files have to have Read permission for everyone but should not have eXecute - only you (owner) should have Write permission). 

On the preferences of WinSCP you can configure to open files with a different editor - the built in one is quite good but you may prefer to use a proper editor for HTML / PHP files and may well want to configure it to, say, open *.doc* files with Word!