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Last Edited: 20/01/10

Topics in Computing - Internet Programming

Given the following scenario:

Dunlop's Pizza Emporium want to start a web ordering service for their home delivery pizzas. Customers will fill in a web order, submit it and get their pizza delivered within the hour by our Vespa crew. Order system should be designed for use on a typical mobile phone.

Your group should produce a submission pack containing the following:

  1. an analysis of who the primary, secondary and tertiary users are;
  2. use cases for your system;
  3. a storyboard of your site;
  4. a written specification of what forms there are, what fields there will be and what limitations there should be on these fields;
  5. the source of all your pages and code (e.g. all HTML, JavaScript and PHP) -- this should be printed 2 pages to a page if possible;
  6. your task sheets and a discussion of the results of think aloud sessions on your site

You should individually submit a signed individual assessment form.

Your pack should be put in a plastic sleeve and submitted to the general office in Computer and Information Sciences Level 10 by 14:00 on Monday 8 March 2010. Your individual assessment form should be submitted in a sealed and signed envelope by the same deadline but separately.

You should form sub-teams to work on different parts of your project - decide yourselves how to make this split. You will need to be very careful about specifying in writing the interface between the sub-teams, e.g.: what forms are there, what are the variables called and what constraints are their on the variables. You should try not to mix JavaScript and PHP programming - the languages are similar but there are many small differences that do your head in!! However, you should all make sure you can at least read and roughly understand how the three parts of the system work.

Plagiarism Statement

The University regulations define plagiarism as "the unauthorised or unattributed copying of the work of others".

For this assessment you will work in the teams specified by the lecturer. You will make one submission from that team. That submission must be entirely the work of the team. You are encouraged to search the internet for solutions to problems and to learn from the code of others outwith the class. However, if you use any code of others in your code (whether HTML, JavaScript or PHP) you should attribute this to them in a comment in the code and make clear what code has been copied. You do not need to attribute provided materials indexed at . You must not copy material from other groups in the class. It is your responsibility not to breach copyright laws.