4th Scottish Category Theory Seminar

School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Glasgow
Friday 13 May 2011


Category theory is a relatively new branch of mathematics which seeks to understand abstract mathematical structure. At its core, category theory contains a synthesis of algebraic, logical and geometric intuitions. This allows for both diverse applications and innovative insights in areas including pure mathematics, computer science, physics etc. The Scottish Category Theory Seminar provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of category, be they straight category theory or applications to other scientific fields.

Our fourth meeting takes place on Friday 13 May 2011 at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Glasgow. Refreshments will be available from 1pm. We intend the meeting to be attractive to mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists etc., and thus aim for talks of interest to a broad audience of people interested in category theory.

This meeting is generously supported by the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust.


The programme is also available in pdf.

13.00-14.00   Coffee
14.00-14.55 Eugenia Cheng (University of Sheffield)
  Distributive laws for Lawvere theories  
15.00-15.25 Phil Scott (University of Ottawa)
  Partially traced categories (download slides (11MB))
15.30-16.00 Coffee and snack
16.00-16.25 Ekaterina Komendantskaya (University of Dundee)
  Coalgebraic semantics for derivations in logic programming (download slides)
16.30-17.25 Bruno Vallette (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn)
  Algebra + homotopy = higher structure

Arrangements and dinner

The meeting will take place in room 515 of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, 15 University Gardens, Glasgow G12 8QW. It is open to all.

Here are directions to the University. Here's a map. The easiest way to get from the city centre to the university is to take the subway/underground. Both main train stations, Central and Queen St, are close to subway stations. Get off at Hillhead. We're then a five-minute walk away; your route is wholly covered by the aforementioned map.

The meeting begins with coffee from 13.00, in the common room (immediately on the left after you come in by the main entrance). You are invited to bring your own lunch. Numerous sandwich shops are located on nearby Byres Road.

There will be drinks afterwards, and dinner for those who have already indicated that they would like to come.

If you intend to come to the meeting, it would be helpful (but is not essential) to drop us a one-line email beforehand.

Email:  scotcats#cis.strath.ac.uk (changing # to @).

Organizers: Neil Ghani, Tom Leinster (local organizer), Alex Simpson.

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