Thomas Selig

A few words about me

Welcome to Thomas Selig's homepage. I am a Research Associate, member of the Strathclyde Combinatorics Group. I am working with Dr. Mark Dukes and with Prof. Einar Steingrímsson on the Abelian Sandpile Model (ASM) and on various models of permutation tableaux. The ASM is a popular diffusion model which showcases the dynamical concept of self-organised criticality. Permutation tableaux are fillings of Ferrers diagrams with 0s and 1s which satisfy certain conditions. You can find my CV here.


Office: Livinstone Tower, Floor 12, Office 12.18

By e-mail: thomas.selig at

By telephone: (+44) 141 548 3524

By post:
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Strathclyde
Livingstone Tower, 26 Richmond Street
Glasgow G1 1XH
United Kingdom

My other interests

On 2nd November, 2013, I married a wonderful person in Pessac (Bordeaux, France). My two other main interests (outside work) are choir singing and cricket. You can find a link to Paisley abbey, where I now sing in the choir here, and one to the cricket club I used to play with in Bordeaux here (yes, cricket in France is a thing!).