IMAG/MSM: Compositional modelling of adaptive immune response to and disease transmission of SARS-CoV-2

A less technical talk about the Kappa language immune response and transmission model at the NIH IMAG Multi-Scale Modelling of Viral Pandemics Working Group meeting on the 10th of February 2022. Emphasis on the need for language to describe models at a similar level to which domain specialists think about the processes involved.


We show how a simple stochastic model of adaptive immune response recovers individual heterogeneity in viral load in a population. This model can be easily coupled to a transmission model from which we can observe the changing distributions of viral load over the course of an epidemic. This is joint work with, among others, Ruchira Datta and Veronika Zarnitsyna of the innate and adaptive immune response subgroup of the MSM working group.

This talk is based on the paper: Compositional modelling of immune response and virus transmission dynamics

Video recording | Slides