Conor McBride  

Look no further for my publications!

I'm a Lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde. Most of the links on this page are broken just now. Normal service will be resumed shortly. Most of the stuff hides at strictlypositive in any case.

I like Functional Programming, especially Haskell. I also like Type Theory, and I hope that this worthy body of work will eventually become better known outside the eastern colonies of Generalized America. Moreover, I like to combine FP and TT. This makes a marvellous noise, but also Epigram, the interactive dependently typed functional language which James McKinna and I designed, in colour, ere we departed our erstwhile department.

Epigram continues to develop here, there, and maybe somewhere, with considerable help from Thorsten Altenkirch, Edwin Brady, James Chapman, James McKinna, Peter Morris, Nicolas Oury, and Wouter Swierstra.

I like making holes in things, so I've started to write a page about differential calculus with datatypes.

I'm on the PC of PLPV 2007, and it looks good. I lectured on the g5bcfr module with Peter Hancock. I'm one of the conspirators behind Fun in the Afternoon.