ALCOP VIII, 2017 Contributed Talks

Kentaro Yamamoto and Zhiguang Zhao. Algorithmic Correspondence, Canonicity and Completeness for Possibility Semantics (abstract)
Almudena Colacito and George Metcalfe. Ordered Groups and Proof Theory (abstract)
Giuseppe Greco, M. Andrew Moshier, Alessandra Palmigiano and Apostolos Tzimoulis. First-order logic properly displayed (abstract)
Giuseppe Greco, Alessandra Palmigiano, Fei Liang and Peter Jipsen. Modular proof theory for axiomatic extensions and expansions of lattice logic (abstract)
Fei Liang, Giuseppe Greco, Andrew Moshier and Alessandra Palmigiano. Multi-type display calculus for Semi-De Morgan Logic (abstract)
Matej Dostal and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh. Many-valued semantics of generalised quantifiers for natural language with bialgebras (abstract)
Petr Cintula. Lindenbaum lemma for infinitary logics (abstract)
Marta Bilkova and Matej Dostal. Expressivity of many-valued modal logics, coalgebraically (abstract)
Bjoern Lellmann. Analytic calculi for intermediate logics: A nested sequent approach (abstract)
Nick Bezhanishvili and Wesley Holliday. Powerset possibilization and Vietoris possibilization (abstract)